A third-generation chef who uses his grandfather’s mattarello to create paper-thin pasta dough

A local, traditional family with a centuries-old, water-powered flourmill

A fourth-generation acetaio who will give us a tour of his balsamico tower where we’ll taste the vinegars that have been aged there


At a part winery, part balsamic vinegar producer, part ristorante, part boutique luxury hotel—that’s entirely reserved for our trip members

In the beautiful Emilia wine country, at our 8-suite, The Opera 02

In the infinity pool or on your own private terrace, with rolling hills and picturesque vineyards as your view


The rolling countryside of Modena and Bologna as you drive a Ferrari through the Emilia hills

The magnificent Savigno woodlands as you hunt for truffles with a Michelin-starred chef

On your own gorgeous scenic escape—whether it’s by bicycle, Vespa, or foot


Delicious regional wines at a private winemaker dinner and tour in a nearby 12th century castle

Your own homemade custom gelato at Bologna’s Gelato University

Local products, including Parmigiano-Reggiano, aceto balsamico, prosciutto and Lambrusco—right where they’re made